Jethro Seghers


Jethro roams the Pacific Northwest with his french bulldog Mia, in search of warriors fit to help him use the Cloud in his quest for world domination. On his days off from Syncopath army recruitment, he’s usually camping, climbing or hustling at the poker table.

Russ Houberg


Russ, our resident SharePoint Sensei, found an alternate path to success: He started out “adulting” with 4 years in the US Air Force – Then went on to another 20+ years in Information Technology, achieved Microsoft Certified Master and published a book… and he never went to college. Some see that as a shortcoming. Russ sees it as a win!

Heather Newman


Heather hails from the Midwest but has been a West Coaster since college. She is currently an LA Woman living in Sunny California. She loves a beach walk, spreading joy and writing about people, places and things that move her. By day she runs around the world speaking, podcasting and hustling for her two businesses. By night you can catch her watching a sunset, or rocking it on a dancefloor. That is, if you can catch her.

Matthew Kaylor


Matthew is a movie enthusiast/ avid camper/ hiker/ family man.  During downtime, he enjoys being a professional recreational athlete in the sports of bowling, volleyball, and softball. He is also probably the only person in the Midwest who follows the WSL (World Surf League!). 

Luise Freese


Luise, officially known as Digital Workplace Consultant and Sketchnote Artist is our purposeful InkingNinja, twitter-addicted bullshit-buster and culture-hacking New-Work Activist, that sparks of uniqueness in herself and turns it into a flaming blaze!

Jonathan Weaver


Jonathan is THAT GUY who rides his bicycle 100 miles in a day FOR FUN! He even took vacation time to go ride his bike across the entire state of Kansas, which he claims is not flat. Jonathan is also THAT GUY that can solve a Rubik’s cube. In fact, he has a whole collection of them that he drags to conferences and vacations. He’s not shy, so feel free to ask him which cube he has in his backpack the next time you see him. Jonathan is also THAT Certified Technical Writer GUY that will search for an email address on any website so he can submit a typo to the webmaster. But he is also THAT GUY that you can count on to be there when you need help solving a logic or process problem while you are creating some cool Forms, Flows, or Workflows.

Hans Brender


Hans hails from Germany. While he is officially a Cloud Productivity Evangelist, he’s known simply around the globe as… Mr. OneDrive.

Stacy Deere-Strole


Stacy is our SharePoint MVV – Most Valuable Vampire, known for late nights and early mornings. “Sleep is for the weak,” is her motto. She’s a speaker and author with a side hustle as the best aunt EVER!

Darrell Webster

Darrell as a Service

Goggles on. Experimentation time. Time to test the boundaries between adoption of technology and the ways we work. There’s psyches to be understood, choices to be made and the path of productive and least resistance to be found. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable as Darrell ‘as a Service’ Webster challenges you to put your mind in the mind of an end-user. Trade places, even if it’s for the duration of reading his posts. You’ll develop a subliminal awareness for the needs of the people you serve as you support your IT environment.

Josh Brown

Adrenaline Junkie

Josh gets lost in the mountains often chasing powder or salmon on the rivers in search of the spike in adrenaline. While at sea level Josh works with organizations on their transformational efforts with game-changing software.

Karl Sand

Dare Devil

Karl hails from the Seattle area, but got sick and tired of carrying an umbrella so he lives in northern California these days. He enjoys skiing at Lake Tahoe, golfing with his daughters (who can beat him now) and riding mountain bikes down cliffs (helmet optional)…

Steve Woodward


Night gathers, and now his watch begins. Steve is the CTO, the sword in the darkness, the watcher of the product roadmap on the walls. He is the shield that guards the developers from the crazy demands, myths, and bad ideas of sales and executives across the realm. 



Our lab manager and resident Wordsmith. After a hard day’s work turning water into wine (editing IT peoples’ writing can be just as miraculous), she prefers to spend her evenings eating entire bags of spinach and hitting the gym.



He’s the Head Honcho. Our Chief Epiphany Officer. We call him The Electrician because he’s always got a lightbulb going off over his head… When he’s not running the business, you can either find him training for the Tour de France or toiling away on his mac in his “creative beastmode.”