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Stop Living in Email!

Think outside the inbox. Email was not designed for today’s collaboration.

How to save 66% of your time searching for content in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as a Single Pane of Glass

Have you heard of Microsoft Teams? It’s somewhat new to O365 and is gaining traction. I’ve been using it for a while now and am really liking it. Naturally, it’s a hub for teamwork and provides built-in tools and functionality for storage and collaboration. Unfortunately, most of that functionality is limited to content that resides in O365. Which is a bummer, because people have content everywhere. You ask, “But doesn’t Microsoft Teams provide the capability to ‘add cloud storage?’” Yes, it does, and we’ll get to that shortly. Don’t forget about content that exists outside of the supported cloud platforms. What about content stored locally on-premises, in a homegrown application, or in a legacy solution? It’s unfortunate; there’s no way to access that content in Teams.

Or… is there?

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The “Mic Drop” on File Migration Speed

I have been manning conference booths and speaking at technical conferences for over a decade, usually covering the topic of migration in some shape or form. Recently, I served as eye candy (lies) at a technical conference in Las Vegas. Typical stuff: giant marketing cloths behind me making wild-ass claims of ridiculous file migration speeds, up to 60TB per day.

Surely this is the work of some funny-math executed by a sales VP and then begrudgingly incorporated into a booth banner by some young, inexperienced marketing person. Except that it’s not, and we don’t do inexperienced!

Anyway, a crazy thing happened at this event no less than three times! Basically, an intelligent and wise technical type person walks up and basically calls “BS.” Literally. Two of them actually said to me, “I call BS, tell me how this is possible.”

I want to set the record straight on how we legitimately achieved a peak transfer rate of 60TB/day for a recent customer.

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